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EYD's Fav Home Design Trends for 2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Exploring New Trends, What’s “Still-in”, and What’s On Its Way Out with EYD

(If not otherwise mentioned, all photos are past EYD projects)

New Trends for 2023

1. Beiges and Warmer Tones

That “all gray everything” look made popular by Restoration Hardware is on its way out and its being replaced with warmer, richer tones. Homeowners want warm spaces that are inviting and textural. We are seeing warmer grays paired with beiges or warm wood textures. And we are also seeing a resurgence of all beige everything, so beige is BACK baby! If you previously painted your whole home gray, don’t fret, just add some warm tans, wood textures and beiges in the furniture and décor. EYD is available to help update the grays, and don’ worry, it’s not difficult!

2. Monochrome Looks

Painting the windows, the walls, the trim, the cabinets and sometimes even the ceilings all the same color is very in right now. Our favorite version of this is using moody tones in an office, bar or bedroom, but you can also use neutrals as well.

Photo cred for Jean Stoffer Design, and Kelsey Leight Design CO

3. Moody and Dramatic spaces

Adding moody tones to rooms like home offices, bars or bathrooms are IT for 2023! Pair the moody tones trend with the monochrome trend and you have a dramatic and dynamic space that will turn heads in 2023.

4. Deep Greens

Speaking of moody tones, let’s talk about GREENS. Greens are the color of 2023 for sure! At EYD we are loving the “is it gray, or it is green” look. Here are a few of our favorite greens. We are also now carrying many different deep greens for semi-custom cabinetry, so come check it out in our showroom!

5. Exotic Stones Like Bold Marbles and Quartzites

Exotic natural stones are having their day (do they EVER go out of style?!), like bold marbles (yes, the REAL deal) and quartzites are huge right now. To me, marble is one of the most beautiful materials in the world. I am sorry, but you just cannot recreate the depth and the beauty of a stone that nature has made over thousands of years in the middle of a mountain under extreme heat and pressure. Yes, it comes with its flaws (etching and staining) but I find that to be just a part of the character of the stone. To me, the beauty and the fact that no slab is the same is 100% worth it. Quartzites are also a natural stone that has recently exploded on the interior market lately. They are extremely durable, and not nearly as porous, but do still come in varieties that have marble like beauty. Many can even be back lit for a dramatic look on a bar or bookshelf! Pyramid Marble and Granite in Effingham sells both marble and quartzites and you can walk through at any time to see some of the gorgeous stone options available for counter tops, fireplaces, showers, etc. Consider it an art gallery for naturally made art!

“There is no doubt that natural stone is the ultimate luxury, both subtle & bold marbles have made a huge comeback in the countertop industry and clients are loving them. Another natural stone trend that is newer to the Midwest are stunning quartzites, they come in striking and elegant patterns that are more durable than marble making them the perfect natural stone option for those concerned with staining. There is no doubt that both natural marble & quartzite effortlessly elevate any kitchen or bathroom. At Pyramid we have some of the finest marbles & quartzites quarried from Italy & Brazil. We also have other options, but hands down our best sellers for luxury homestyle are quartzite & marble!” – Megan Brandt of Pyramid Marble and Granite

Middle Photo cred from Haus Love Interiors

6. Focus on Self-Care (Saunas, Home Gyms):

Self-care has NEVER been more popular. Clients are prioritizing dedicated spaces for home gyms, sauna rooms, ice baths and steam showers. AT EYD, we have installed 3 saunas in just the last year and a half, with more planned this year! We also have made home gyms a MUCH more important feature and larger footprint in homes. I personally love working out at home, and also have a home sauna so this one I have a personal connection to.

Here is a recent sauna we installed adjacent to to a shower room.

7. Prioritizing Pantries

Massive pantries are huge right now and they are no longer a place for just storage of snacks. They have become a place for coffee bars, small appliances, and even more space for cooking. Effingham based real estate agent, Jill Wendling, chimes in on her observations of pantries in homes.

“Pantries are not just for storing boxes of cereal and canned goods. Custom homes can include pantries that serve as sculleries. A scullery is like a mini kitchen used for the dirty work of cleaning and storing dishes. It usually provides extra workspace and can be an entertainer’s dream. The scullery keeps the messiest parts of meal prep and cleanup hidden away from guests. We are seeing many homeowners place their microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, food processors, fridge/freezer drawers, additional built-in ovens and other countertop appliances on the pantry countertop leaving them accessible yet out of sight." - Jill Wendling, Effingham Real Estate Agent

8. Huge Dynamic Islands with Creative Seating

The days with seating only along the backside of an island are over. There are so many more fun and creative ways to add seating to an island. We are obsessed with designing creative and dynamic island that are as unique as each client. In particular, we love having more of a “table style” end of an island, with the other end being more for cooking/prep.

“Let’s face it. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a favorite place to gather. More people have less of a need for formal dining rooms. They are replacing these rooms and expanding their kitchens which include large islands and casual dining areas." - Jill Wendling, Effingham Real Estate Agent

Here are two recent EYD and Kuche projects and another project in the works.

9. Double Island Kitchens

Why have one single island when you can have TWO?! We are loving the double kitchen island because of its functionality. Often, we will have one of the islands solely for use by the person cooking, and then the other would be for seating and entertaining. It allows the cook to be working without worrying about their guests getting in the way, but the guests are still a part of the conversation and the cooking experience.

10. Skinnier Rails and Stiles on Cabinet Doors

In 2023 we are OBSESSED with the much skinnier rails and stiles on cabinet doors (the frame of the cabinet door). Check out these amazing new door styles available from Kuche Fine Cabinetry. The look is still classic, but feels a little more special and updated.

11. Slat walls, Reeded Details and Fluting

Slat walls are getting easier to purchase. A few years back, we had to commission custom slat walls. These days there are companies that make panels available for quick ship and are easy to install. They are mounted on felt and help tremendously with the acoustics of a space. EYD now carries three companies that offer slat walls, and you can come see the samples in our showroom. Cabinet doors with reeding or fluting are also adding character to a room in 2023. You can also add fluting to the backs on an island or furniture.

Here are three EYD projects in the works that will have acoustic slat walls

12. A Love of Organization

Mary Kondo started it all, but its far from over! Organizing your home not only looks AMAZING, it also increases the function of your home making daily life easier.

13. Workstation Sinks

The functionality of a workstation sink is hard to beat! When maximizing the function in your kitchen, a workstation sink is a MUST with all of the amazing accessories that allow your sink to do much more than wash dishes. We have many different options available for order at EYD, so come to our showroom and ask us to show you examples of a workstation sink.

14. Large Statement Light Fixtures

I always say that light fixtures are the jewelry of a space and can completely make or break a home, and oversized light fixtures are IT in 2023. These days you just want to have dramatic and LARGE statement lights. Pendant lights over an island used to be 12-15”, now we are installing lights as big as 30” wide over islands! The scale these days is much bigger than they used to be, and we can help you to achieve that look successfully.

Photo cred from The Lifestyled Co.

15. High Gloss Casework

I personally fell in love with the high gloss lacquered finish watching the Prime Minister coming out of the stunning black door on BBC last year. Now we are seeing that super high gloss in cabinetry, and other case goods. Some great places to consider a lacquered finish are doors, built in bookshelves, bar cabinets, and powder room cabinets. If you are interested in this finish, we can achieve this look at Kuche Fine Cabinetry!


16. Organic Materials and Earth Tones

Its all about TEXTURE!! This look embraces organic materials such as wool, cotton, silk, rattan and clay in earth tones and warm neutrals. Look for furniture crafted from light or mid-toned woods and accent your spaces with natural rugs crafted in nubby wool, jute, or textured cotton to add warmth and texture. Muted shades of terracotta, green, yellow, and plum will be popular choices for wall paint, furniture, and home décor. These colors are warm and natural-looking and they provide a great contrast to the wood tones we have seen returning to cabinetry and furniture.

17. Wall Murals

Wall murals are a fun new way to create a statement in a room. With very large repeats or not repeats at all, wallpaper murals are a very fun way to add dimension and texture to a room.

Photo cred Bennett Leifer Interiors

18. Custom and Bespoke Details

At EYD, we LIVE for taking a client’s ideas and turning them into reality by creating custom bespoke pieces. There is nothing better than walking into a home and seeing moldings that aren’t standard profiles from a lumberyard, a custom pantry door, a custom mantle, custom furniture, a custom stone fireplace or accent wall, or a custom door style on cabinetry. Custom pieces make your home YOU, and there is nothing more fun to design. We love custom cabinetry, custom beams, custom trim, custom stone, custom tile work, custom furniture, custom lighting, custom upholstery, custom wall aper, etc. I am even assisting with a custom china set at the moment! How cool is that!?!

Within my design career, the most fun I have is when a client has a great idea and I get to work with a team of artists to figure out how to make that idea work. The answer is NEVER "no", it always "HOW". The best EYD ideas are born from a clients creative ideas, a design concept, and a team of awesome minds from sub-contractors. That is what I love most about my job!

Here is a little bit about custom stone jobs: “Custom stone projects are our bread & butter. Whether it be intricate edges, unique backsplashes, integrated stone sinks, or even your entire cabinets being made from stone we have you covered,” says Megan Brandt of Pyramid Marble and Granite

All of these photos are EYD projects with custom details

19. Stair Towers and Focal Stairways

In today’s context, a stair tower is a staircase surrounded by one or more walls of windows creating a tower-like effect. There are plenty of variations, but typically it serves to bring in more natural light, not just to the stairs, but also into adjacent areas, while also showcasing views.

“Personally, my favorite architectural trend is the stair tower! Dramatic staircases that allow you to see from top to bottom are breathtaking, especially when they are wrapped with large, light-filling windows and dressed with a show-stopping chandelier. I think you will start to see these in home builds across the country,” says Real Estate Agent Jill Wendling.

20. Plaster or Textural Wall Paint

Plaster is on the up and up for walls and set to become an interior design favorite. The magic of plaster is that it can add depth and personality to a space without extra millwork detail.

21. Pivot Doors

Making a statement that hints at what awaits inside, the pivot door’s non-traditional opening is a perfect fit on a non-traditional home. I have not yet had the pleasure of installing one in Effingham, so I am sharing this photo from custom doors pro.

22. Checkerboard Tile Patterns

The tile checkerboard patterns are definitely back, but are also a classic look. There are many ways to accomplish this look. The black and white marble is a very classic and classy example. You can also soften the look with gray and white marble. The other more recent way to install this pattern in your home is white with tan and adds to the current trend of adding warmth to your home.

“My personal favorite is the Crossville Empire collection ( I love mixing their creamy Cadet White with their Empress Silver. It’s just a soft and classy look.” – Heather Schickedanz of Virginia Tile in St. Louis

Photo cred by unknown, Maayan Kessler Design, and Studio McGee.

23. Wallpaper Tile

Yes, I said “WALLPAPER TILE”. Check out these fun looks! When we asked Heather at Virginia tile about the top tile trends in 2023, she made sure to mention this new and upcoming trend.

“Our Product Team visited an international tile show in Italy back in September and saw lot of wallpaper visuals. Since then, we’ve seen quite a few tile manufacturers really up their pattern game. Marazzi Rice is my recent favorite”. – Heather Schickedanz of Virginia Tile in St. Louis

Ongoing Trends That Are Still In for 2023:

1. White Walls

The creamy white walls are still KING in 2023, and make a space feel so bright and fresh. The creamy white walls are paired with bright white ceilings for a slight contrast, warm wood floors, furniture, and accents. You can add in other textures like greenery, wall paper accents, textural rugs and bold art. Some of our favorite Sherwin Williams whites are Snowbound, Greek Villa, Eider White, Origami White and Alabaster.

2. Shiplap

Shiplap is such a great way to add texture to a space, and is still very on trend in 2023.

EYD designed bathroom in Effingham, IL

3. Boucle

Derived from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed,” bouclé can refer to a yarn, made from a series of looped fiber, or the fabric made from it. Wool is the most common fiber to undergo the technique, though cotton, linen, and silk have also been used for achieving the fabric's textured hand. Boucle has been in for furniture (in particular, for accent seating) and is still in for 2023.

Four Hands Accent Chair Available Through EYD

4. Coffee Bars as Statements

Let’s be real here, people LOVE their coffee (guilty as charged!) and they want easy access to that morning cup. At EYD, we have installed many coffee bars in kitchens, master bedrooms, guest suites, offices, pool houses, bars, and dining rooms. Coffee bars are a statement of the home, and we do not see that going away any time soon.

5. Brushed Gold

Although silvers are definitely making a comeback in 2023, the modern brushed gold is definitely still in. It brings that undeniable warmth to a space and a pop of luxury. When designing with golds, please be aware that there are as many different shades of gold as there are whites! You will want to make sure to look at the golds on your plumbing fixtures, next to your gold cabinet hardware, next to any other gold accents in the space to make sure they are compatible. Also, brushed gold is fun to mix with other metals, like black or zinc.

6. Black Windows

Black windows are absolutely still going strong in 2023! That stark contrast is very hard to beat. “Black windows are on trend, but they aren’t trendy. Take a look at old architecture. You will find black windows everywhere. Like white, black doesn’t go out of style. It’s classic and I believe black windows are here to stay." - Jill Wendling, Effingham Real Estate Agent

7. Wallpaper

We are still LOVING wall papers! Can you believe that only a few years ago, wallpaper was so out of style?! We are loving the larger repeats, fun colors and upcycled prints! Wall murals are also an amazing new direction, as well as wallpaper borders. You can put wall paper on walls, in ceiling trays, in niches, and other fun applications. Keep in mind, since wallpaper was so out of style for so long, the challenge we have in Central Illinois is that the art of installing wallpaper was almost lost. There are very few installers, and those installers are in high demand. If you want wallpaper installed, EYD can help you to get on an installer’s waiting list.

8. Larger Format Tile

The 24 x 48” tile was rare just a few years ago, and now more and more colors and styles are available on the market. The benefits here are LESS GROUT LINES PEOPLE, and you get more of that full marble slab look but without the price tag. The challenges are that you will want a good installer, because with a larger format, it can be challenging to install on walls that aren’t perfectly straight.

"What is large format tile? It is a tile with one or more sides that exceed 16”. In the past few years I have had the opportunity to install many LFT (large format tiles). The advantages of choosing LFT over smaller tile are, you minimize grout joints for a crisp and elegant visual design. Not only does this create a seamless look it’s also easier to clean and requires less maintenance. Also, with LFT you can create the illusion of a bigger space and reduces visual interruption with the need of less grout joints." – Adam Ruiz CTI (Certified Tile Installer) A R Flooring, LLC

9. Slabs of Porcelain

In addition to the 24 x 48” tiles, we also partner with Pyramid Marble and Granite to use slabs of porcelain as big as a slab of granite, in fact it is SO big that it must be fabricated by a stone fabricator. But this allows you to build a fireplace or shower without any SEAMS! Mic drop.

Pyramid Marble & Granite in Effingham, IL is one of the first countertop facilities to work with porcelain and in the past two years have done over 150 porcelain jobs!! This includes countertops, floor inlays, fireplaces, wall murals, showers and even range hoods! It is made from clay and other minerals that are fired in a kiln from 1,800-2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. They are extremely dense making them ideal for countertop installation.

“If you haven’t heard already full slab porcelain is hottest trend for home design…especially in the East and West coast and here’s why…PORCELAIN SLABS ARE very durable when installed, look like marble & quartzite (stunning patterns), the slabs are thin so it’s great for fireplace or shower applications, you get a high-end feel and it outperforms Quartz counters in heat resistance. Full slabs of stone or porcelain are becoming one of the top desired choice for fireplace surrounds. Full slabs cater to most design styles whether they be traditional, modern, or transitional. They are extremely easy to maintain, and you can get them in any slab we carry from natural to man-made slabs. Our most popular types of full slab fireplace choices are porcelain and natural quartzites. To people that love their home and understand design they know that our full slab fireplaces are an investment they are willing to make and look forward to enjoying the elegant beauty for years to come.” – Megan Brandt of Pyramid Marble and Granite

Here are some examples of how EYD hand drew a concept for large format porcelain and then Pyramid Marble and Granite turned it into a reality.

10. Subway and Zellige Tile

Yep! Subway tile is still very much here! There are SO many options out there and so many different pattern opportunities.

“We continue to see major interest in the handmade ceramic subway tiles and zellige looks. 2022 brought lots of attention to the handcrafted movement within the tiles, but 2023 brings subtle color variation into the mix with collections like WOW Fez and VTC Casablanca.” – Heather Schickedanz of Virginia Tile in St. Louis

11. White Oak

White oak (especially rift cut white oak) remains KING for cabinetry, wood flooring, doors, beams, etc. For awhile we saw super light oak, now we are seeing a little bit of a turn towards slightly richer tones. Either way, you cannot go wrong with the warmth that it brings to a space. Rift sawn lumber is typically narrow with a very straight grain pattern on the face of the board. Rift sawn lumber is usually used with oak to avoid the flecks that are common in the species. The annular rings or a rift sawn board are about 30-60 degrees to the face of the board, but 45 degrees is the most optimum.

Designer tip: The popularity of rift cut white oak has driven the cost WAY up. The rift cut technique also produces more waste than plain sawn oak, so that also drives the cost up. Using a SELECT hickory (where you use only the pieces that are super varied in tones and try to find only pieces that are more consistent in color) can get you a pretty similar look if it is done right (and it is EASY to not do right so beware), and can save you money. Also, EYD had a hack for refinishing red oak floors to look like white oak as well! So you don’t have to rip out that old oak! Message us for details.

Photo cred from House Design West,

12. Mitered Edges and Full Height Backslashes on Counter Tops

A mitered edge is a seamless 90-degree edge that joins the top countertop surface with a second, smaller piece of countertop creating that THICK and chunky stone look. A full height back splash is where you use slabs of your counter top material as the back splash instead of tile. At Pyramid Marble and Granite they do an amazing job of vein matching the back splash to the counter tops, and you can create a seamless and dramatic look. Its also very easy to wipe clean!

13. Half Round Doorways

The half round doorways (with or without trim) are elegant and inviting.

14. Home Offices

Obviously we have more people working from home than ever (I won’t mention the dreaded “C” word in a post about 2023!) . Home offices are now a must have in many homes. Zoom calls are just a part of life these days, and having a nice looking Zoom backdrop is very important.

15. Less Wall Cabinets in Kitchen

We are still seeing less use of wall cabinets and more uses in base cabinets. The old way t store glasses and plates was always in upper cabinets, but that is not always the case anymore. We are putting peg systems into base cabinets and

Photo creds Rosa Beltrand Design, Monogram Appliances, and The House of Silver Lining.

16. The Microwave Drawer

I don’t think this one will ever go away! People absolutely love this ergonomic and built in look.

16. Heated Floors with Schlueter Ditra Heat

With Schlueter Systems Ditra Heat, it makes heated floors more efficient and more budget friendly than ever before! If you don't thin you "need " heated floors, think back to when you said you didn't need heated seats in your car! Now you cannot live without them, amiright?!?!

"With porcelain tile typically being the flooring of choice for bathrooms and kitchens, tile is more susceptible to experiencing drastic temperature changes compared to other types of flooring. The most popular solution to this is the installation of Ditra-Heat. With its own independent thermostat, you can control and customize your floor heating preferences from bed or on your way home with a mobile device. The main advantage to installing heated floor is that you don’t have to wake up to cold floors. With a bit of added costs you can eliminate the need of dirt and dust collecting area rugs and house shoes and will be able to live in comfort with bare feet. We have also installed cable into showers and onto shower benches for continuous comfort throughout the entire area." -Adam Ruiz CTI (Certified Tile Installer) A R Flooring, LLC

Going Away:

1. Gray on Gray on Gray

The gray on gray on gray is out. The all gray everything look is too cold these days. If you have a lot of gray, don’t fret because gray is still in when mixed with warm tones or rich woods!

Designers Tip: If you have all gray in your home and want help on how to warm it up, add natural white oaks, beiges, greens, and other natural tones. I have a home that was built during the all grays and I have added a textured rug that incorporate beige and gray, some furniture with natural oak tones, and décor that also incorporates warm beige and wood tones. The old rule that tans and grays cannot go together is COMPLETELY obsollete. Tans and grays together are everything right now.

2. Fully Open Floor Plans

With a world of people finding themselves working at home, we are seeing less of the all in one open floorplan. Home offices need to be private and soundproof. Also, since people are spending more time at home it is making homeowners want separate spaces that they can go from one space to another to feel a new vibe. Being stuck in one single giant room is becoming less popular. That being said, I do not see the kitchen being open to the informal living space EVER going away.

Buyers will always have a desire for open floor plans, but will demand more character and coziness. Think about nooks, intimate conversation areas, and rooms positioned off to the side of a centralized room. Breaking up open floor plans doesn’t mean building walls with tiny door openings. You can break up space with ceiling treatments, glass railings and walls, French doors, columns, beams and posts."- Jill Wendling, Effingham Real Estate Agent

3. Waterfall Counter Tops

I contemplated not adding this to the “out” list because it is still being done in certain applications, and it still can look great. In a modern home, this just simply still feels very right. However, we aren’t seeing this as much in a more traditional or transition space.

4. Black Stainless-Steel Appliances

Stick with traditional stainless because you cannot go wrong.

5. Microwave Hoods

While it is the most budget friendly way to design a kitchen, the microwave hood is simply not a good focal point. We can help you design a kitchen without a microwave hood and stick to your budget, with our hacks.

6. Staggered Heights on Wall Cabinets

This look has been out for several years and is still out. The current look is cabinets to the ceiling, and cabinets that are all the same height.

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