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EYD's Home Design Trends for 2024

Exploring New Trends, What’s “Still-In”, and What’s On Its Way Out with EYD in Central Illinois

(If not otherwise mentioned, all photos are past EYD projects)

We are so excited to share our latest list of interior design trends for 2024! These trends are specifically what we are currently seeing within our full-service design studio in Central IL. Please keep in mind that whatever YOU love is what should be designed for your own space, whether it's "on trend" or not. At EYD, our intention is never to push you towards a trend, but instead to take your style and what you love and turn that into an updated realty. However, it is fun to watch interior design trends and share them with our social media friends!

Please feel free to message us for any comments or questions about these trends, as we love feedback from our social media community!

New Design Trends for 2024

1. "Non-White" Neutrals for Kitchen Cabinets

I never thought I would be saying this, but we are designing MUCH less pure white cabinetry in kitchens these days. While white kitchens will NEVER be out of style, it is certainly not the biggest kitchen design trend we are seeing at the moment. These days, we are using warm beiges and taupe's and adding in texture with stains on textured woods. This really lends itself to the new moodier vibe for homes in 2024.

Photo creds by two of my favorite designers, Studio McGee and Stoffer Home (many non-white neutral kitchens by EYD coming soon, so be sure to follow us on social media!)

2. Range Alcoves

In Victorian times, a kitchen stove alcove was once an important feature for containing the heat from wood cooking stoves. The stove was set into this recessed opening and often outlined in brick or stone. The alcoves were a way to help fireproof the kitchen. Nowadays the rage alcove is made to create a focal point in the kitchen, and to create a designated nook for the cook. These have become so popular that we are currently designing over 6 range alcoves for kitchens right now, and expect many more this year!

Here are two range alcoves by EYD and our current fav range alcove inspiration by Tiek Design Group

3. Flat Black Countertops

For a while, black countertops were out but they are back, baby! We are loving black counter tops in a honed (matte) finish rather than the glossy look of the past.

First two photos are EYD Designs and last photo cred is aaNovo Design.

4. Modern Tudor Exteriors

In 2023, and going into 2024 we are seeing so much of what I call "Modern Tudor", especially in black and white. Traditional Tudor homes were known for their steeply pitched front facing gabled roofs, prominent off-centered front door often features arches or decorative concrete detailing, and brick facades. These days, we are definitely seeing the steeply pitched gables, sometimes with curving roof details, but done with more modern exterior materials, like board and batten, and metal roofing.

Photo Creds by Linda MacArthur Architect, Ford Classic Homes and AI Design

5. Throw Back to Traditional Styles

For so long, ultra traditional details were way OUT. Currently, we are seeing so much more traditional inspiration for interiors, across every room! The traditional looks are being paired with more modern light fixtures and furniture, moody colorways and statement tile to keep the traditional looks new and fresh for 2024.

Here is one of our favorite traditional inspo pictures at the moment, designs by Tiek Design Group

6. Islands that Look Like Tables

In addition to the throwback to traditional styles, we are seeing this very traditional island style. It is a very traditional European look, and we are LOVING it. Having the island look like a table gives a kitchen so much character.

Photo cred Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, The Kismet House, and Harlow and Thistle

7. Vintage or Classical Styled Art, and Micro Art

This year we are seeing a throwback to classical style art, which also lends itself to the throwback to traditional styles! You can use vintage pieces, or find pieces at resale stores. An assortment of small, micro vintage art pieces will get you bonus points!

Photo creds are all Stoffer Home

8. Walnut and Chocolate Tones

Walnut is a very rich, dark wood color with quite a bit of variation, excellent for any type of project you have. Its rich, chocolatey color is definitely coveted by clients right now.

9. Back Lit Counter Tops

Certain natural stones that have translucent qualities (mostly quartzites) can be back lit! At Pyramid Marble & Granite they are now offering backlighting as an option! The LED lights are laid in rows behind the stone.

"Adding backlighting to countertops adds that bespoke WOW factor. You can change the color of the lights for the season or holiday which is great for parties and just everyday use. With translucent stone, when you add lighting, you can see so much detail and depth in the stone. It can be the finishing touch to a beautiful project."

-Ryan Brandt, Pyramid Marble & Granite

First photo is a design by EYD and manufactured by Pyramid Marble & Granite, other photos are Pyramid Installations

10. Crystal Quartzite

Speaking of back lit counter tops, CRYSTAL QUARTZITE is the new "it" stone in our area for counter tops! We have partnered with Pyramid Marble and Granite to install TONS of this product in the past year, and we have several more jobs with crystal slab on hold. Crystal quartzite look almost like ice, and comes in a few different varieties like Crystal Smoke, and White Crystal, and is actually considered a semi-precious stone! The only problem is that we cannot keep it in stock long enough for everyone to get a chance to reserve slabs for their kitchen!

All Photos are all EYD designs

11. Botanicals That Are In (And Those That Are Not)

Yes, even PLANTS come in and out of style! Also, any bad faux plant is ALWAYS out of style. Chances are if your faux plants are over 10 years old, they need to be replaced by new and better knock offs, the quicker the better. Whether they are real or faux, here are the species of plants that are in and out.

-Full Branches in Vases

-Fiddle Leaf Figs

-Large Leaf Palms

-Pompas Grass

-Olive Plants


-Magnolias (the Leaves and the Flowers)

-Orchids (ALWAYS and forever)

Out (Throw these away as fast as you can):


-Old Fake Ficus Trees

-Old Fake Palms

-Any faux plants that aren't great fakes, so usually anything over 8/10 years old)

Also, vases with long stems or even actual branches as decor are very "en vogue" at the moment. Check out these vases with long stems by Athena Calderone, Mcgee and Co and Amber Interiors.

13. Burl Wood Veneer Furniture

A burl is a growth on a tree formed from unsprouted bud tissue. The burl forms large, knobby-looking growths on the base and trunk of the tree and in considered malformed. But for a mutated growth, this is an exquisite material that signifies opulence and glamour! Burl first gained its popularity in the 1920'3 and 1930's, with the art deco era. Then it came back n the 1970's paired with polished chrome and mid-century silhouettes. Now, again it is back, and more exquisite than ever! Burl is rare, and expensive, but a great investment!

Burl coffee table available through EYD

14.     Paneled Appliances are Back In Stock!

For most of the time that we were really struggling with supply chain, paneled appliances became impossible to order, with lead times longer than a year! That issue is mostly resolved at this point, so we are once again starting to do more paneled appliances for that seamless integrated look.

Here we have a wine fridge, a regular fridge and an ice maker all integrated into the design with cabinet paneling

15.     Quality over Quantity - Paying the Price

At EYD, we are fortunate to carry 6 different cabinet brands that span across every budget, as well as many other building materials in all budgets (engineered wood flooring, luxury vinyl, tile, etc). We carry several semi-custom cabinetry lines, as well as several fully custom lines. That allows us to quote clients different options in different price points. What we have noticed in that past year is a client understanding of the "you get what you pay for" concept, and we have seen more and more clients opting to upgrade their building materials knowing that they are getting a better product. At EYD, we are very proud to be able to educate our clients on why one line of materials may be more expensive than another, and to be able to anticipate a client's budget to optimize their project. Also, since we carry so many different options for materials, we are able to assist someone in splurging in one area and saving in another.

Here is an example of how much new kitchen cabinets could cost, across the different brands we carry at EYD Cabinetry.

16.     Custom "Vintage" Tile Mosaics

We are loving these vintage inspired tile mosaics so much, that we have 3 projects with them at the moment! They give a space that vintage charm, but in an updated way.

17. Metal Accents on Cabinetry

These days we are incorporating different materials into our cabinetry designs. Check out these stunning metal accents.

Photos are all EYD designs

18.     Metal Cabinets and Metal Cabinet Doors

We are so excited that we just picked up this new line of metal and glass cabinets! We absolutely love mixing the metal in with a stained wood texture. This adds to the overall dimension of a room.

19.     Metal Bistro Shelves

In addition to metal cabinets, we are seeing tons of bistro shelves. We are currently getting ready to install these in 3 jobs, and expect more to come!

20.     Statement Pantry Doors The pantry door has become a statement, and we are loving it! Whether you do a custom barn door or find a vintage reclaimed door, statement pantry doors that stand out from the other doors in your home are a fun way to add personality to your space. We have several amazing sources for reclaimed doors, as well as sources for custom doors as well!

21.     "Reclaimed" Wood Mantle

We have been selling quite a few brand-new mantles, made to look old! Check out the craftsmanship on these mantles available through EYD! One of the perks of buying new, rather than reclaimed is that we can match the finish on your flooring, island, or furniture.

Photos are all EYD designs

22.     Integrated Stone Sinks

We are LOVING the look of a sink made of the same stone as your counter top, or using your counter top stone as an apron front for the sink. See some EYD examples below.

Photos are all EYD designs with a collaboration with Pyramid Marble and Granite

22.     "Cute Little Vents"

We are calling these vents "cute little vents", and they are absolutely fun and adorable to add to a cabinet that needs some venting, like a mud room locker cabinet as seen below.

23.     Smart Home Integration

Obviously integrating smart home technology into a new home design comes as no surprise in 2024. These days you monitor your home with cameras, turn lights on and off remotely, turn heating/air on and off remotely, put blinds up and down remotely, incorporate invisible speakers into a home, and even permanently install holiday lights! Nowadays its rare to not incorporate any smart home technology into a new build or remodel.

"Home automation has become less about just keeping up with technology trends, and much more about personalizing your home to fit your daily lifestyle needs. Music integrated throughout the home via Sonos gives the user complete audio zone control all through one easy to use app. Automated interior Lutron shades that work in perfect harmony with Lutron intelligent lighting keypads synchronize with local time zones to maximize efficiency and allow the home to do the work for you. Cloud based camera systems along with TV sales and installation are just a small sample size of what we offer to enhance what the homeowner is looking for to personalize their build/remodel experience. The Christmas season always pairs with hanging Christmas lights. Our Trimlight permanent outdoor lighting solution allows you to never need to climb a ladder again for not only Christmas, but also gives you the ability to have every holiday at your fingertips."

-Joe Knabe, Al's Electronics

Ongoing Trends That Are Still Here to Stay Into 2024:

1.     Modern Shaker Style Kitchens

The "modern shaker style" look (or at least that is what we are calling it) is still very now, and is a simple transitional look. The trim pieces are simple and straight, island posts are flat, rather than paneled and the cabinet door styles are also simple with a flat center panel. Often, we mix a painted cabinet with a stained wood cabinets to add texture. This is a clean and modern look.

Here are 3 "modern shaker style" kitchen by EYD in 2023

2.     Skinnier Rails and Stiles on Cabinet Doors

In 2023 we were OBSESSED with the much skinnier rails and stiles on cabinet doors (the frame of the cabinet door) and we continue to use this new sleek style into 2024. This look is what we see incorporated with the "Modern Shaker Style" look. The look is still classic, but feels a little more special and updated.

Here are some new door styles available through EYD Cabinetry

3.     Slat Walls, Reeded Details and Fluting

Slat walls are getting easier to purchase. A few years back, we had to commission custom slat walls. These days there are companies that make panels available for quick ship and are easy to install. They are mounted on felt and help tremendously with the acoustics of a space. EYD now carries three companies that offer slat walls, and you can come see the samples in our showroom. Cabinet doors with reeding or fluting are also adding character to a room in 2023. You can also add fluting to the backs on an island or furniture. Also, new in the past year and gong into 2024 are reeded wood look tiles, and we have several options available at EYD!

Here are three EYD projects that have acoustic slat walls and a bathroom design by Lindye Galloway

4.     Beiges and Warmer Tones

That “all gray everything” look made popular by Restoration Hardware is out and has been replaced with warmer, richer tones. Homeowners want warm spaces that are inviting and textural. We are seeing warmer grays paired with beiges or warm wood textures. The new and improved beiges lean more "taupe" rather than yellowish, like in the 80's. If you previously painted your whole home gray, don’t fret, just add some warm tans, wood textures and beiges in the furniture and décor. EYD is available to help update the grays, and don’t worry, it’s not difficult!

Photos are all EYD designs

5.     White Painted Walls

The creamy white walls are still KING in 2024 in our area, and make a space feel so bright and fresh. The creamy white walls are paired with bright white ceilings for a slight contrast, warm wood floors, furniture, and accents. You can add in other textures like greenery, wall paper accents, textural rugs and bold art. Some of our favorite Sherwin Williams whites are Snowbound, Greek Villa, Eider White, Origami White and Alabaster.

6.     Shiplap

Shiplap is such a great way to add texture and depth to a space, and is still very on trend in 2024. Here are a few EYD examples of shiplap we have installed in the past year.

EYD designed projects in Effingham, IL

7.     Brushed or Matte Gold

Although silvers are definitely making a comeback for 2024, the modern brushed gold is definitely still in. It brings that undeniable warmth to a space and a pop of luxury.

WARNING: Matching gold tones can be as finicky as whites, some being brighter yellowish, some being softer, more dull or brownish. We suggest making sure to have finish samples for all of your golds to make sure you don't have clashing gold tones!

Photos are all EYD designs

8.     Mixing Metals

We often get asked how many metal finishes can be incorporated into one space.

And to answer that, we generally recommend mixing no more than 3 finishes in one space.

For example, if you have stainless steel appliances, count that as 1 finish, gold pulls are finish #2 and then black plumbing/light fixtures would be finish #3! Mixing warm & cool toned finishes makes for an eye-pleasing balance. It is also a good idea to use a "primary" metal finish for permanent fixtures like faucets and lighting. Then, you can incorporate a 2nd or 3rd finish on your drawer and door pulls, towel bars, etc. That way, if you want to change things up in a few years, you have less of a challenge swapping out pulls or accessories versus more "fixed" elements!

Photos are all EYD designs

9.     Black Windows

Black windows are absolutely still going strong in 2024! That stark contrast is very hard to beat.

“Black windows are on trend, but they aren’t trendy. Take a look at old architecture. You will find black windows everywhere. Like white, black doesn’t go out of style. It’s classic and I believe black windows are here to stay." - Jill Wendling, Effingham Real Estate Agent

10.     White Oak

White oak (especially rift cut white oak) remains KING for cabinetry, wood flooring, doors, beams, furniture, etc. For a while we saw super light oak, now we are seeing a little bit of a turn towards slightly richer tones. Either way, you cannot go wrong with the warmth that it brings to a space. Rift sawn lumber is typically narrow with a very straight grain pattern on the face of the board. Rift sawn lumber is usually used with oak to avoid the flecks that are common in the species. The annular rings or a rift sawn board are about 30-60 degrees to the face of the board, but 45 degrees is the most optimum.

New for 2024 we have also seen more of the plain sawn white oak, which is a throwback to traditional design (known for the busier zebra stipe look)! If you don't know what this means, you are not alone! Here is a photo that shows the way each type of oak can be sawn, and the characteristics.

11. Wallpaper

We are still LOVING wall papers! Can you believe that only a few years ago, wallpaper was so out of style?! This year with the reemergence of traditional styles, we are also seeing very traditional prints on wall paper! You can put wall paper on walls, in ceiling trays, in niches, and other fun applications. Keep in mind, since wallpaper was so out of style for so long, the challenge we have in Central Illinois is that the art of installing wallpaper was almost lost. There are very few installers, and those installers are in high demand. If you want wallpaper installed, EYD can help you to get on an installer’s waiting list.

These days we are seeing VERY traditional style wall papers going along with traditional styles being back, and we are loving it!

12. Monochrome Looks

Painting the windows, the walls, the trim, the cabinets and sometimes even the ceilings all the same color is very in right now. Our favorite version of this is using moody tones in an office, bar or bedroom, but you can also use neutrals as well.

Photo creds for Jean Stoffer Design and Kelsey Leight Design CO

13. Moody and Dramatic Spaces

Adding moody tones to rooms like home offices, bars or bathrooms was IT for 2023, but going into 2024 the moody vibe is in every room! We are designing so many moody kitchens, with warm neutrals, rich wood stains and even black countertops. Pair the moody tones trend with the monochrome trend and you have a dramatic and dynamic space that will turn heads in 2024.

14.     Deep Greens

Speaking of moody tones, let’s talk about GREENS. Greens were the color of 2023 and are carrying on into 2024 for sure! At EYD we are loving the “is it gray, or it is green” look. Here are a few of our favorite greens. We are also now carrying many different deep greens for semi-custom cabinetry, so come check it out in our showroom!

15.     Exotic Stones Like Bold Marbles and Quartzites

Exotic natural stones like bold marbles (yes, the REAL deal) and quartzites are huge right now. To me, marble is one of the most beautiful materials in the world. You just cannot recreate the depth and the beauty of a stone that nature has made over millions of years. Yes, it comes with its flaws (etching and staining) but I find that to be just a part of the character of the stone. To me, the beauty of real marble and the fact that no slab is the same is 100% worth it. Marble is not for everyone, however it has gained popularity in our area in the past year.

Quartzites are also natural stones that have recently exploded on the interior market lately. They are extremely durable and not nearly as porous as marble, but come in varieties that have marble-like beauty. Many can even be backlit for a dramatic look on a bar or bookshelf! Pyramid Marble and Granite in Effingham sells both marble and quartzites and you can walk through at any time to see some of the gorgeous stone options available for counter tops, fireplaces, showers, etc.

The engineered quartz (manmade stone) days have really lost momentum in the past year, and going into 2024 we expect to continue to see a push for the more dramatic, bold and beautiful natural stones. Although there is definitely still a time and a place for a manmade engineered quartz (like if you want the white marble look, without having to worry about etching and staining), but it is definitely not the most coveted counter top material any longer.

Middle Photo cred from Haus Love Interiors

16. Focus on Self-Care (Saunas, Home Gyms):

Self-care has NEVER been more popular. Clients are prioritizing dedicated spaces for home gyms, sauna rooms, ice baths and steam showers. AT EYD, we have installed 3 saunas in just the last year and a half, with more planned this year! We also have made home gyms a MUCH more important feature and larger footprint in homes. I personally love working out at home, and also have a home sauna so this one I have a personal connection to.

Here is a recent sauna we installed adjacent to to a shower room.

17. Prioritizing Pantries and Sculleries

Massive pantries are huge right now and they are no longer a place for just storage of snacks. They have become a place for coffee bars, small appliances, and even more space for cooking. A scullery is basically like a second kitchen, with prep space and small appliances that stay hidden from the main kitchen where the entertainment happens.

“Pantries are not just for storing boxes of cereal and canned goods. Custom homes can include pantries that serve as sculleries. It usually provides extra workspace and can be an entertainer’s dream. The scullery keeps the messiest parts of meal prep and cleanup hidden away from guests. We are seeing many homeowners place their microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, food processors, fridge/freezer drawers, additional built-in ovens and other countertop appliances on the pantry countertop leaving them accessible yet out of sight."

- Jill Wendling, Effingham Real Estate Agent